Bubble Trouble

So today is another fun experience, yes thats right.. bubbless!

i thought it was weird once i heard about bubble tea, but it is so unique and their website is so creative have a look  http://bubbletrouble.ae/


It is definitely something to try with all the different flavors all i can say is YUUUMM!

watch this space for the product shoots! don’t miss it :D 

Hush Salon Shoot

In life you get a very few chances but if your lucky enough you get that one person who gives you that break!

I had the honor of meeting a lovely lady that chose me to be the photographer for the salons! 

Here are a Few pictures for Hush salons new look book that will be released end of August 

i was definitely amused with all the different hairstyles, especially the weird ones. but it’s better to be different than normal and absolutely boring 

what an experience i hope there will be more to come!

   IMG_3605    IMG_3245    IMG_3732IMG_2751IMG_2767